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Console Tables are usually found against the wall in hallways as soon as you enter the front entrance of a property. They are also often found nestling in the corner of bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. They are generally used as a convenient table to put the car keys or telephone on, or for displaying decorative items such as photographs. Console tables don’t always attain the same appreciation and attention as other pieces of furniture. Despite this, they are often the most important items within the home.

As well as being an ideal solution to store everyday essentials, console tables are space shapers. Due to their size they can be tucked into a corner of a room and add character and style to almost any internal space.

Console Tables have a flat surface which makes them ideal for showcasing items such as ornaments, vases, picture frames, flowers, plants and many more items of your choice. You can see just how important console tables are from their practical and decorative uses. Another great bonus of console tables is that their are literally thousands of different styles to choose from meaning you should have no problem selecting the console tables that is perfect for your living space.

Console Tables are usually the first piece of furniture your guests will see once entering your property. For this reason its essential you create that fresh and clutter-free first impression for your guests.

Many console tables include drawers which are perfect for storing keys and mail. These drawers range in sizes from small and elegant to large and regal. Many consoles also include lower shelves which are ideal for storing boots, umbrellas or any other household objects which would of cluttered your hallway. Or maybe you are after a more minimalist look and require a console table with no drawers or shelving in which case we also have have these too.

A console table is easily capable of turning a cold and forgotten entrance hall into a warm and welcoming environment, helping to achieve a homely feeling to those that enter.

Due to the many benefits that a console table can offer you and your home, its not surprising that they are so popular and have become one of the most influential pieces of furniture in the home.

Our aim was to create an online business that offered the most diverse range of console tables in the UK. We also wanted to compliment this with first class customer service to offer a unrivalled shopping experience. Based on our feedback from our customers, we feel we have achieved this goal with CONSOLE TABLES UK.

We are also more than happy to help you choose the best console table for your living space from our extensive collection. Our customer service advisors not only know a lot about console tables but are actually furniture experts that share a passion for all furniture.

We are proud to have one of the largest and most varied selections of Console tables in the UK. The variation in size of our console tables means you can use a small table solely for the purpose of displaying decorative items, or you have the choice of our larger consoles that feature spacious drawers.

We believe that offering a wide and diverse collection of console tables will help all our customers in making an easier choice in finding the exact console table that suits their interior space. This is the reason we keep carefully adding more console to our existing collection that are not only practical but also of the highest quality.

Whatever the style of Console Table you are looking for, whether it’s everyday or French Console Tables, modern or contemporary; we have the perfect Console Tables for you.