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Few experiences hold the thrill and fulfillment of decorating your own home. Each piece of furniture becomes a statement and a reflection of yourself and what home means to you. Buying the right furniture brings the perfect balance to your home and cinches your taste.

A console table is as important as any piece in defining your space, and holds a delicate balance as a decorative yet unobtrusive side piece of furniture. Console tables have come a long way from the theatrical, semi-attached tables that graced palaces and aristocratic mansions as far back as the 17th century. Unlike the pieces of these aristocrats that were created to function mainly as decorative pieces, console tables have become a mixture of both functionality and design.

Console Tables UK

Console tables are believed to have originated from 17th century Italy (or France, as some claim) simply as a decorative table that was attached to the wall by a console and supported only by two front legs or wholly by the ‘S’ shaped wall attachment. So many of the console tables of this era were carved pieces of furniture or for the most part, sculptures that were more often than not made of marble. The decorations were limited to the front since the back was into the wall. By the 18th century, the French having successfully reduced the frontal support of the console table to inward curving legs made the design a popular one in England and most of Europe towards the end of the 18th century. Thus began the evolution of console tables the UK has become known for.

Traditional console tables of the rococo style came in matching sets and with complementary mirrors to complete the décor. The entire set, and not a single table was employed as a design style of creating harmony within the space.

Modern console tables are no longer restricted to the attached design that gave the table its name, but this has in no way diminished their appearance. With new intricately designed stands and varied styles of tops and decorations, the range open to modern day console table buyers are simply mind-blowing.

Over the years console tables have changed from being made from strictly marble to incorporate exotic and beautiful woods and metals as materials for making them, opening up a new vista to fit the taste of everyone. Nevertheless, the allure of a white console table remains a beautiful thing to behold. Cool, sleek marble table tops, supported by intricate designs of metalworks can add instant style to any space. Modern tables have not completely done away with the attached table design, rather, this idea has been exploited to allow for more elegant designs as well as functionality as the space below a decorative console table piece or complementary set could be well used as storage space.

Console Tables UK

Shopping for a console table style? Here are the most important things to consider;

  1. The size of the space you are buying a table for.
  2. The theme or trend of the decor already existing in that space.
  3. Your budget.
  4. The material/s the table is/are made of.
  5. Complementary pieces. This is quite important as there are quite a variety of complementary pieces, from tables with complementary mirrors whose designs are masterpieces in themselves, to those with marble laid mirrors and decorative pieces, and also plain, simple stand-alone tables.

Visit www.consolestables.co.uk for more information.

Written by Lisa Williams — May 07, 2018

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