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Sometimes all you need is a table to complete a room or space. Whether it is the hall or the living room a table such as a console table often adds the right amount of decorative flair and function to any space.

Console tables are in a class of their own, and stand out for that reason. They come in a myriad of styles, sizes, and colors. Their prices also reflect their design, quality, and features. In other words, console tables can cost from a few hundred quid right up to the five figures territory and even more.


Console Tables UK


While we all admire great pieces of antic art, antic console tables can cost an arm or leg. So, unless you are really into art collection and you’ve got deep pockets, I’d stay away from those ones if I were you. Anyways, getting top quality console tables at a bargain price is easy if you have the patience and know where to look.

However, before you go bargain hunting, it is advisable that you do not sacrifice quality for price. So you need to decide on the features,materials, color, and size of the console table you want to buy before you head out. Aspects such design should be considered later. This is because you will have many options to choose from and a design that you saw in your friend, neighbor or relative’s house might just not look that great in your own house.

Remember what I said about price beware of super cheap console tables. They could either be defective or have a high maintenance cost. Either way,it’s always a good idea to check.


Console Tables UK


How to Get Top Quality Console Tables

Usually, what I do to get these console tables on the cheap is by going online and signing up to newsletters on sites that sell console tables. Some sites will require you to register. Yes! You may not like the sheer number of promotional emails entering your inbox but the goal is to get a good quality console table at a slashed price, so, there has to be a tradeoff. Trust me by signing up to these newsletters you get timely notifications on upcoming deals, coupon codes that ordinary visitors to the site will not see or get.

If you are smart enough you can get a coupon code and add it to a console table that is already on sale and get a sweeter deal.

Here’s what I mean. Suppose you had a coupon code which gave you a 30% off right, and then you find something on the site which is on sale like a console table. Let’s say the price was cut from £200 to £120. You can add that 30% coupon on it and end up getting the table for £84.

However, not all sites have this policy so it’s always good to read their policy or simply contact them and ask.

Another way is through auctions but this is not very reliable as the price might quickly skyrocket especially when many people are bidding on the same thing.


Console Tables UK

Written by Kyron Michael — January 08, 2019

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