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It is thought that console tables are perfect for a small, narrow space only. In case you are based in UK, you would find console tables UK in locations such as hallways and similar other places. But the fact is that these tables have various other uses too.
Using console tables in various places
In a dressing area, these tables look elegant, while providing a space saving solution too.
These tables are perfect for all those small and narrow hallways. The designs in console tables UK are typically with drawers. This is the perfect place to keep notepaper, pens, keys, pins, and so on. These may be combined with a hanging a mirror to create an additional feature. Besides, it makes the room feel larger too.
These are the modern dressing tables today that are placed in a bedroom. Baskets may be placed underneath it in order to create extra storage.
These tables are playing an important role in living spaces. They are used for separating the seating area from the dining space. In case you wish to create a visual divide, just place two large lamps at both ends.
In case you are keeping it in the dining room, you may use it as a drinks table. Have a display of glassware and various wine carafes on it.
A slim console table functions as a desk in any room. You can place it in any room as it doesn't protrude into any room in a way that it interferes with the other furniture in the room.
In case you wish to place it in a study room, just put it in an alcove. Now fit shelves above it and create a compact study space.
Choose the right style
Typically the classic wooden design suits all. These remain the most popular choice as they can fit anywhere. A rich wood finish gives a country look. Painted wood gives a rustic look. Contemporary look comes with a dark wood as that gives a sleek finish.
A mirrored feature is ideal in bedroom as that creates a feminine look. For those who are looking for a modern appearance, leather or metal tables create the right impact. Glass console tables is perfect for compact spaces to make the place feel larger.
Console tables are available in a variety of styles. Choose one based on where you want to keep them.

Written by Lisa Williams — March 01, 2016

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