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A console table was primarily used to fill that vacant space along a wall. These are mainly places in a hallway as they have little decor. But the console tables of today do more than just break the monotony of that space. This is because they have a style of their own.
Choosing for the hallway
The console tables UK were for those big houses with wide hallways. In fact, those hallways were somewhat like narrow rooms and not just as passageways. In case you visit any old homes here, you would most likely come across a pair of chairs and a console table along the hallway. But things have changed today as space has become the primary deciding factor. There are various things to be considered while choosing console tables today. These include the length and width of the hall along with the style of furniture that is already placed in the adjoining rooms. The light fixtures that are present in the hallway are also to be considered.
The furniture in the hallway should be of the kind that it makes the place appears balanced visually. The table should not be too long or too short. As per the length, the width has to be in accordance. It is not wise to have a table that is long but extremely narrow. But it should not be so wide so that it crowds the hallway and makes it difficult for anyone to walk down that place.
Your hallway furniture has to be a part of the existing decor. Make sure that you match the style as well as wood tone. In case there is a small overhead light or two, the table can be placed anywhere. But in case there are electrical wall sconce lamps, or some other modern fixtures, positioning of the console tables has to be done accordingly.
You can place the table anywhere in the hall, and not just in the center. Just make sure that it is not in front of any doorway or at the intersection of the hallway in way that it obstructs anyone walking down.
Basically when selecting a console table for your hallway, just use your eye and trust your judgment skills to buy something that fits well and looks good in your house. It should gel well with the rest of the house and not jut out like an obstruction!

Written by Lisa Williams — March 01, 2016

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