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Many people are not aware about the console tables and its function. Console tables are generally found on the hallways and entryways. Due to this, they normally have a more narrow side. It serves a lot of purpose including but not limited to providing a horizontal area where you can display your stuff, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home and a gathering space for the non-wired lights such as a lamp.

Tips on Choosing Console Tables

Be aware of the things that you will store or display on the console tables UK

Your console table should serve a definite purpose. An empty console table pressed against the wall will look disconnected if it is empty even if it matches the style of the room. You should display the items that will enhance the design of your room. Avoid putting a lot of stuff as it may look cluttered. You can put a lamp to enhance the brightness of your console table and highlight the display like the photo frame or an antique vase.

Consider the design of your other furniture

Your console tables should not only match the design of your house, it should also blend well with the other furniture that is found inside your house. If your furniture is mostly made up of metal, you should try purchasing a glass or metal console tables. If your furniture is made up of wood materials, find a console table with sleek and minimal design.


You should also consider the width, height as well as the depth of the console tables. The dimension of a console table should basically tell you if it would perfectly fit in your house or it will just become an obstruction. Be sure to place it in an area where there is a minimal amount of traffic to reduce the possibility of getting the furniture damage from certain daily activities.

Find Console tables UK that matches your home

The console tables can enhance the entire appeal of your living room. But in the event that they do not match well with the design of the house, it will look out of place and decrease the appeal of your house. If it doesn’t match your house, you can do some decoration to enhance it. You can display things that greatly reflect your personality; book, plant, bust, musical box or a couple of figurines. Decorations will keep your console tables looking fresh and interesting. You can also follow a colour pattern when decorating it. However, never be afraid in expanding your choices of colours when designing your console tables UK.

If you are someone who loves to be as detailed as possible on the design of your house, you will definitely enjoy adding a console table on your living room or dining area. Be courageous when designing your console tables and enjoy every minute of decorating it.

Written by Lisa Williams — January 18, 2016

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