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Console tables are mainly used for decorations, books or even to organise. Most of them are small compared to other tables. These tables are usually placed in hallways, in the dining room or in the living room. These tables come in all different shapes ranging from modern swirly tables to antique cherry wood tables with engraved designs.

How to Shop For a Console Table

Shopping for console tables is a fun experience especially if you are visiting various department and furniture stores. However, the tables available might be limited. This is why you should start looking into tables online. You will literally have thousands of tables you can pick from.

Finding Matching Tables

When shopping online, look for a table that matches the same furniture as your home. Does the colour match? How about the style? For example, the furniture you have may include gold knobs. You can find similar console tables that also have this. The style doesn't have to be exact.

Decide on a Budget for Tables

Normally, these tables range from $80 to $350. If there is a table you really want but it's too pricy, you can wait for a discount or either goes for price matching. If you've never heard of price matching, it means mentioning a price from another store and the company will lower the item's price by a certain percentage.

Types of Console Tables to Choose From

Some console tables come in a box, and that means you must install everything. These types always come with instructions. The general set up time ranges from 30 minutes to an hour. Other tables can be delivered right to your door, which might be more convenient for you. The styles of tables are antique, modern, or hand-crafted. You can find console tables, which are made from glass, oak, or even plastic. Visually appealing tables often come in oak and have been hand-crafted with engraved designs. Some websites have thousands of table designs to scroll through.

Best Places to Shop for Console Tables

Shopping online would probably be the best since there are so many selections. With any furniture store, you might be lucky to see eight different tables. There are furniture boutique stores online or even large companies who take care of the manufacturing too. You will also find people who collect tables, fix them up and sell them in their own store. Usually, these are family businesses, and it is done as a hobby as well. You see, there are a lot of great places to shop.

Overall, there are so many options when it comes to console tables. Be sure to bookmark the ones you like and when you are ready to choose, you can step back and look at all of them.

Written by Lisa Williams — January 11, 2016

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