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The type of furnishing that you decide to buy for your living space will depend on a number of factors. Beyond the issue of taste, there are accessories that will not fit into some spaces as a result of size or dimension as well as the shape or design. As a general rule, Console tables are known to fit into narrow spaces, like hallways, bedrooms or other multi-purpose rooms.

Small spaces tend to define the narrative for console tables amongst other considerations.

Where to use Console Tables

According to Console Tables UK, there are a variety of places where this furniture piece can be put to use but the common places are as follows:

Living space

Console tables can be used in living spaces to separate the dining table from the seating area. A visual divide can be created with two large lamps at both ends. In the alternative, console tables can be used for glassware display with wine carafes on them. They will serve multiple purposes if so considered and appearas a deliberate art form to enliven your living space.


Console tables can also come into the picture in multi-purpose rooms. They can be placed as a desk without extending obtrusively into the room as to compete for space with other furniture. You can place console tables in an alcove with shelves above it to form a definitive compact study space. When utilised in this fashion, they will not appear as surplus to requirement or become another piece of clutter in such close settings.


Console tables are a perfect fit for narrow hallways with small space. Such arrangement will be fitting to accommodate drawers to hide away notepads, pens and keys. You can consider a setting with mirrors hanging over the table to create a larger feel. The space will not appear blank or open with a console table in place, and it will convey a statement of style as it sits across the hallway.

Dressing table

Console tables can be used in bedrooms to maximise space, using them as modern dressing tables with baskets underneath to cut out any clutter in the bedroom. This arrangement can work out effectively for convenience, with the need for bigger space for a dressing mirror obviated. A mirror can hand on the wall above the table, and it will be easy to reach for makeup items while seated by the console table.

People often talk about making the best use of what you have, with narrow spaces, comes a range of options to play with and the more imaginative you are, the better your outcome.

Written by Kyron Michael — November 09, 2015

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