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Since decades console tables have served as a vital piece of furniture in living room, entry way to the house and hallways. But with the change in the times, they are invading into another portion of the house including bedroom as well.

An average bedroom or guestroom may not be spacious enough in order to keep anything else apart from the bed, a dressing table and a night stand, whereas a master bedroom will have plenty of space to occupy a number of other things and you will have flexibility in choosing which furnishings will suit your place. This can even include non-traditional furnishings like console tables.

In this regard, one of the main reasons why alternative furnishings are becoming pretty much popular is because of wide open floor plans. And there are no rules as which furniture should be placed where.

Benefits of having console tables in master bedroom

Console tables are the perfect choice if you are planning to add a new table to the room. Though console tables UK are very long, yet they are so thin and they are made to fit against the wall. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why console tables are considered as an excellent choice to the master bedroom. You can add it easily to the wall since it won't consume more space in your bedroom and also allow you to enjoy more floor space.

The console tables can have extra added benefits for those who wish to have a little more functionality to their furniture in the bedroom. On the other hand, console tables having drawer's gives additional storage space. It works well as an entertainment center. Nowadays, flat screen TVs perfectly fit on the top of the table and its remote can be stored in the drawer below. If you wish, you can also put some extra electronic items into the drawers which are not in use.

If you are in need of extra space in order to get ready and just have a single mirror and sink what you can do is, add a mirror to the table in your master bedroom without messing up space.

To conclude with, a console table can be considered as a great idea for a master bedroom which is large enough in order to accommodate more pieces of furniture which solve storage issues. The console table designs available are just not only beautiful, but they are versatile as well.


Written by Lisa Williams — March 25, 2016

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